Scius was established in 2007 and is a real estate investment company. Our core business is to act as local operating partner to international and domestic capital investing in the Nordic real estate markets. We also undertake on a selected basis consultancy and strategic advisory work within the areas of our expertise.

We offer our partners a complete solution with an aim to maximise the returns and the values from the properties. Scius has over the years created a strong network that today includes the majority of the Swedish real estate industry like property owners, lenders, consultants, brokers, advisors etc.

Scius will if required invest equity in the transactions along our partners. Our clients comprise both international and Nordic institutions and property companies including Invesco, Sveafastigheter, Goldman Sachs, Starwood, Loan Star, The Third Swedish National Pension Fund, Alecta, Rikshem and Diligentia.

Scius currently asset manage over 800,000 sq m of commercial real estate in Sweden valued at approximately EUR 1.1 billion.

The team

The senior team has worked together for more than 10 years. Prior to forming Scius, the senior team worked together at Niam AB where the partners represented the senior acquisition team, senior AM and CFO. The team worked principally with Niam Nordic Investment Fund III which had a total investment value of approximately EUR 2 billion.

The team has through their existing clients and previous positions extensive experience of working with international capital.